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Product Advantages

We help our customers to achieve a great deal with little effort as our products are easy and safe to use. Find out yourself about the advantages when using our products. Miracle Lamp, Magic Linen and napkins captivate with the high quality in manufacturing. The different designs fit into the respective surroundings and generate a positive atmosphere.

Miracle Lamp – the atmosphere is created by light

Burns a lot longer than a candle
and odourless, without dripping
: goes out immediately in case the lamp falls over

Advantages of Miracle Lamp

Magic Linen – liquid-repellent table cloth

Needs almost no ironing

Advantages of Magic Linen

Our serviettes - simply wonderful

Disposable product, yet high quality
particularly hygienic & ecologically friendly

Advantages of Magic Napkins

Refill bottles Mosquito Stop

Gets rid of annoying insects
also works outside

Advantages of Mosquito Stop