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History Candol

Candol Headquarter Österreich Mödling

  • is a family business, the owners are also the contact people.
  • was founded in 1988 and thus has many years of experience in the catering industry.
  • has its own production and is therefore very flexible in meeting customer requests.
  • is a tight, small organization, therefore fast reaction to changes are possible.
  • is present in more than 80 countries and has therefore considerable experience with other cultures.
  • has a high degree of innovation and is therefore always highly developed.
  • possesses the "Austria Quality Seal" - Austrian quality!
  • products are quality and safety certified.

The brand „Candola“

The products are marketed under the brand "Candola". They are simple and safe, meet the highest quality requirements and are always associated with the best service. Various atmospheres can be created thanks to the different designs.

Candol worldwide:

75% of all deliveries that leave the factory are sent abroad, with an upwards trend. At present, deliveries are made worldwide in more than 80 countries. Candola products can be found in the whole of Europe, in North and South Africa, in the Arab world, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania. Even on the Maldives candlelight ambiance "Made in Austria" can be found. In addition to the target group catering, especially the international expansion will be further intensified in future. Candol keeps a long list of satisfied reference customers, particularly in the premium restaurants and hotels. Currently, more than 20,000 businesses worldwide use Candola lamps on every continent.

Beside the target group catering trade, expanding in the international trade in particular will be even more promoted in future. Johanna Thomas, the Candol manager, says about the pragmatic aims of the enterprise: „We want to continue expanding worldwide and increase the use of our products in the catering trade “.

Candola products are distributed inland by our own sales force, the famous catering trade and via Cash+Carry. Abroad, the company operates with commercial agents, importers and in some EU markets directly with the catering trade.

The market success has lead to an ongoing development of the Candola production plant. At present, 150 tonnes of candle oil are bottled at the plant in Mödling , where they are distributed from.

Acquired certificates:

For the quality, customer orientation and the safety of our products, both tablecloths and table lamps, the company Candol has received the following certificates:

  • The Austrian Consortium to Encourage Quality awards the Austria Quality Seal for the manufactured products "table lamps CANDOL".
  • The Institute Mark Research for Packaging confirms according to EN 45011 and ISO 8317, that the lamp oil containers with a child-secured cap is qualified.
  • The Hogast management confirms, that Candol is a trusted Hogast-partner.

Candola - a partnership that is based on security and trust. With products that are close to the people and ensure wellbeing.