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Candola Products

The range extends from table lamps with disposable refills, liquid-repellent tablecloths, napkins and matching accessories.

Miracle Lamp - acts like candlelight - lasts much longer:

The innovative table lamps of the family business Candol in Mödling, spoil the international gastronomy.

Candola - products are based on a simple but extraordinary operating principle that guarantees the restaurant business a lot of practical advantages in everyday use: easy and safe. Instead of a conventional candle a Candola - bottle is used, which is filled with a special mineral oil. The wick absorbs this odourless liquid from the container and provides candlelight without smoke and soot.

Thus, there is no melted wax as with candles - and consequently no wax residue. Right to the very last drop of oil, the lamp looks as if it was being used for the very first time, spreading a feel of warmth and comfort.

With regard to the economic efficiency, the burning life of up to 120 hours outshines every ordinary candle in addition. However, apart from these purely functional aspects, the success of Candola is not least due to the product design. Candola - lamps are now available in many different product lines and designs.

Another advantage for restaurants is that the oil bottle is hidden under a decorative sleeve, ensuring a positive safety side effect as well. When the lamp tips over the flame goes out immediately. However, apart from these purely functional aspects, the success of Candola is based on the product development. Candola lamps are available in many different models and designs.

Almost all the big names of the international hotel industry can be found on the customer list of Candola. From Mariott to Hilton up to Intercontinental. But also the renowned Viennese Sacher Hotel, Portuguese casinos and restaurants of dream ships. The caterers and purchasing managers of these companies rely on a formula for success that the family business Candol in Mödling already developed many years ago:

Table lamps that generate candle atmosphere without using the conventional wax candle.

 The assortment: Rustic design to modern arts and crafts


During recent years, the Candola product range has been further developed. The so-called "Permanent Candle Lights" represent the core of the assortment and are available in numerous designs. The main target group for these products is still the gastronomic industry.

With the launch of Mosquito-Stop Candola could literally kill two birds with one stone. A romantic candlelit atmosphere and a handy insect repellent can be combined in a light in an elegant way and thus provide a well-being.

The secret behind Mosquito Stop is a fluid based on coconut oil extracts that is also filled in Candola – bottles, providing a natural and almost odourless insect protection. The liquid gets by entirely without synthetic toxins and is completely safe for humans and animals.

The liquid gets by entirely without synthetic toxins and is completely safe for humans and animals. 

Finally it should be mentioned that due to the number of new developments, Candola has already been  awarded with the “Innovation Prize” of the State of Lower Austria. Regarding the design of the lamps, Candola cooperates with external designers, creatives and artists. In doing so, the company keeps following current topics and trends.

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Magic Linen - easy care with liquid-repellent finishing

Candola´s Magic Linen is not only a simple tablecloth.The surface of the fabric is finished with a special method which prevents stains, almost no ironing required, resistant to shrinkage and colourfast.

Magic Linen tablecloths are essentially a synthetic product with a textile feel. They are offered under the trade mark Candola in many colours and designs. Every design generates warmth, thus providing a feeling of well-being.

These tablecloths combine 2 main advantages:

1. They are useful and cost-saving for the caterer and hotelier.

  • By means of the property "liquid-repellent", liquid stains (coffee, cola, red wine) can just be dabbed
  • Tables have to be reset substantially less often than with normal table linen
  • Simply wash at 40°C in the washing machine (without bleach and fabric softener)
  • Hang out to dry (Air dries)
    • Almost no ironing necessary
  • Tablecloths will keep their characteristics even after frequent washing

2. They have a pleasantly soft textile touch.This distinguishes them positively from customary plastic tablecloths that are available on the market.

The assortment: sophisticated, from elegant design to colour-intensive modern.

The visual effects of Magic Linen tablecloths are especially popular. The well-known styles and the great variety of colours suit every hotel and restaurant. Particularly the lively colours of the "Fantasia" design with its floral patterns, give a new insight to table culture. "Capris" is the right design if you prefer a more sophisticated and elegant approach, then “Capris” or “Jaquard” should be your fabric choice.

Magic Linen tablecloths are made to measure and can therefore also be sewn as a smaller table runner or as sets, chair covers and aprons. Candol’s specialist knowledge in textiles also reveals itself in the accompanying assortment of aprons, seat covers, upholstery and curtaining etc.

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Accompanying ranges:

Napkins - in various designs and menus

A serious provider of catering supplies needs to offer an extensive range, Candol being one of them offering napkins and menus in various designs.